If you’re ready to go through your closet and sell some of your designer pieces, email us to book an in person (Los Angeles, San Diego and surrounding areas) or virtual appointment. This appointment will allow our team to review and authenticate each item before providing you with a quote.


Our approach to consignment begins with our customers understanding the value of the designer items that they're interested in selling.

With our help, it's easier to make informed choices. We know that once the mystery behind pricing is solved, the rest will come instinctively. There is no magic number, either. Some people start with one bag, others sell 20+ pieces their first month.

What matters is that you fully understand the process and sell your items with confidence, knowing that you're getting a fair price.

While we've been working in this industry for two decades, we remember very well what it was like to start out, so please don’t be shy and send us an email with your questions.